Bali yoga and adventure 23 nov – 1 dec 2020

Welcome to a 9-day adventure and yoga retreat on the tropical island of Bali.

23/11 – 1/12, 2020

Please find our generous cancellation policy below due to Covid-19


Welcome to a very unique yoga retreat in Bali close to nature and traditional ways of living combined with a deep daily yoga practice. Relax in the tropical heat and lush greenery while we explore the island’s magic and hidden jewels with our local guides. We travel on foot, by bike and canoe through beautiful tropical jungle. On this retreat we pay extra attention to Bali’s fascinating nature and spend three days amongst majestic waterfalls, lush jungles, legendary mountain areas and beautiful lakes, discovering these beautiful places up close.

At a nicely balanced pace we enjoy daily yoga classes, explore the island on different excursions, relax in comfortable accommodation and enjoy being served healthy food. We start our trip by the warm tropical ocean, and the last days are spent at cooler heights overlooking the mountains and rice fields with the most magical sunsets.
You are invited to relax and just be in the moment – we will take care of you!

Activities and classes at this retreat will be held in English. Your teachers and guides, Ingela & Menik, are here for you 24 hours. We travel together in a group of max 20 people. The golden thread holding us together are long and deep daily yoga classes.

We welcome participants with mixed experiences of yoga. If you are newer with yoga, we recommend that you extend your practise before this travel with live and/or online classes. However, we will meet you on the yoga mat, whoever you are and in what shape you are.

When you arrive at the airporti, you are welcomed by one of our friendly taxi drivers. Until the end of the retreat you can relax and absorb a program that includes everything – accommodation, food, travel, yoga and all excursions. We – Yatra Yoga Travel also offsets your trip by planting trees. Read more about our sustainability policy on the website.

You are so welcome to embrace Bali and yogic days together with us!

Day 1 – 6 by the sea.

We start our journey together in a peaceful yoga retreat right by the ocean, situated by the charming quiet village of Mendira on the East coast of Bali.
We rise with the sun in early mornings to practice pranayama and sun salutations on a platform above the sea. The morning program with yoga is then continued upstairs in the most beautiful shala we know – a room with wooden floors and open walls looking over the ocean and palm trees.

Our focus the first days is to arrive softly, take care of ourselves, get to know each other and have a deep yoga practice together several times a day. The sea is available for swimming and snorkeling at any time. The center has its own shoreline and the coral reefs close by are slowly beginning to grow back inhabiting a colourful world of fish and corals and other seacreatures. If you like snorkelling we warmly advice you to bring a cyclop!

We stay in artistic bungalows, each one different in size and style. The food is served and made on site by the friendly staff. All food during the retreat will be vegetarian with typical traditional touches of spices and flavors to give you a feel for Bali’s food culture.
The end of November is a wonderful time in Bali. Most days are dry with occasional rain showers in the evenings. The cooling rain and partly cloudy skies is usually a nice breakfrom the tropical heat. The feeling after a Bali rain is wonderful, the air vibrates with oxygen and chlorophyll.

You will rarely need to wear more than a thin t-shirt the first days. Up at cooler altitudes, a windbreaker or jumper may be necessary in the evening.

Day 6 – 9 in the mountains of Munduk

After our quiet days by the ocean, we continue our retreat up into the mountains. We travel by car through traditional villages and beautiful diverse nature to end up on mountain plateaus with sacred lakes and tropical rainforest. We will stay in a lush and quiet retreat center in the mountains. The traditional houses and our yoga space have a panoramic view over mountains and all the way down to the sea. During our evening classes in the yoga room the sunsets will probably make you gasp. 

We  will share the centerand resturant with other guests but the yoga room is ours to use. A platform with a roof at the top of the hill with beautiful nature around and stunning views. In  the event of rain there is also an indoor yoga room we can use.

Here in Munduk we will make two excursions together – first off is waterfall hiking and the day after cycling and canoeing on the lake. 

Waterfall hiking
The word Yatra in Sanskrit means “sacred journey” . On this walk we all get a chance to meet ourselves through Bali’s incredible nature. We will walk to several waterfalls during the day, some smaller some bigger. All falls have their unique formation and character and in some places you are invited to swim and jump in the water. The waterfalls are found in perfect intervals, often just when you need some cooling off and time to pause. It is a very special feeling to be in a tropical scenery and have a shower in pure spring water that falls from dark green cliffs, while the song from the wind, crickets and birds rush through the trees.

During the tours you will be served delicious meals prepared by our own team. The food is made from organic ingredients, much of which is grown in our own garden. In this way we also make sure that all our ingredients are organic and do not harm either you or Mother Earth.

Twin lakes bike ride with canoeing.
The next morning we gather for an early breakfast and get ready for more adventures. The first stop is at the local market where you get the opportunity to taste different tropical fruits and vegetables. When we feel content we continue our drive to the twin lakes where our mountain bikes are waiting for us. After a safety review, it’s time for a day on a bicycle in wild and untouched nature. We follow the lake’s edge and meander through small forest paths. On the way we stop at ancient temples and our guide will tell us the mythological and legendary stories of the holy lake. At one of the temples you are invited to attend a Balinese / Hindu ceremony. All these rituals are still performed today by the Balinese and are for them a purifying tradition. For you –  it can be a ritual where you have the opportunity to let go of what you no longer need.

Who are we?

Ingela and Menik are your yoga teachers and guides during the retreat. We also employ local guides, drivers, chefs, housing staff and masseurs that we have known for many years and with whom we feel safe to work.
Yatra Yoga Travels has been collaborating with Ingela for 5 years during our retreats in Bali and now we invite her to take her own journey together with our friend and local yoga teacher Menik Suyani. Anna and Anna who run Yatra – will manage the administration for this trip and will be at hand for questions on mail and phone before the retreat starts.

We – Ingela and Menik, have a wide experience of yoga in different styles. Therefore, we can engage in practice with an equally wide group of students, offering both softer and more active yoga classes. We will also introduce you to elements such as meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) and mantra, as well as giving inspiration as to how yoga can be a sustainable and healthy lifestyle off the yoga mat.


Ingela Borggren

Ingela arrived in Bali “The Island of Gods” in 1999 as a tour guide, and since then has ​been residing in Bali. She is also known as “Pinglan” in Bali and is one of the founders of the yoga studio – Under the Banyantree in Ubud, Bali.
For the past 15 years, she has taught yoga in various places around the world, most notably at the Norwegian Academy of Sports in Bali. She has various teacher training programs in her resume – including Sivananada, Atma Vikasa and Samayoga. She lives a spiritual life and studies and teaches Sanskrit, Vedic chanting, yoga and ceremonies. Her classes combine a slow pace with the deepest values to enable one to find one’s own healing intuition, based on love for oneself.

“I am so incredibly grateful for all the tools yoga has given me, and something I love to share. Beyond that, it is a privilege for me to share Bali’s unique spiritual environment, which I call home. The magical island I know has so much to share with the world. One thing I have learned over the years is that Bali gives you exactly what you need. The suitcase you take home is filled with more than just things. Bali gives us the perfect conditions to gain a deeper understanding of what yoga is all about.
Through yoga, I want to give you the opportunity to explore this inherent stillness, both physically and spiritually. ​Through yoga, you can gain keys – of life. With these tools knowledge – which I like to call the essential ​you acquire a more essential, healthy, playful, creative, grateful and loving presence in your relationship with yourself, others and what is happening in the environment.”

Menik Suyani

Menik is born and lives in Bali. She is a doctor working at an international hospital since 2009. Menik has been growing steadily in her own yoga practice since she started yoga studies with Ingela 5 years ago. She quickly realized that yoga is so much more than a physical activity, that it also gives us the tools to build a strong foundation for life in general. Now she has decided to prioritize yoga even more and we are so happy to have her with us. Menik shares her deep knowledge of the island and Bali’s rich multi- faceted culture, which is a significant aspect of her life. As a little girl, she sat by the women’s side, learning the different traditions and prayers and the symbolic meanings of the various elements.

“As a balinese woman, I have great privilege to immerse myself in karma yoga, bhakti yoga, meditation, tapas and offerings as a natural integrated part of my life. Bali is truly a beautiful and spirit-filled island. 

I officially enrolled in my first yoga class back in January 2015 in order to seek a balance between long hours work as a medical doctor in hospital and self-love practice. It was a totally rewarding experience, not only on a physical level but it also gave me a sense of tranquility when I surrender in Savasana. Since then yoga has become an important part of my life. I practice yoga at home as my regular morning routine or practice collectively in various yoga shalas in Bali. When I look back, I am so amazed how far I have come on this self-inquiry journey.

My Sama Yoga yoga teacher training is another life changing journey which gave me dozens of opportunities to grow spiritually. It did not take long to realize that I have a big passion to share the wisdom of yoga not only through regular yoga classes but also in yoga teacher training courses in Bali as one of the head teachers. The styles of yoga that I teach are hatha flow, yin yoga, yin-yang yoga and prenatal yoga. I am grateful to have the opportunity to share the combined knowledge of western medicine and the ancient wisdom of yoga during this beautiful retreat with Yatra yoga.”

What is unique about us?

Everything that is offered in Bali is part of the journey, from your arrival until you return home:

  • daily yoga classes
  • Ingela and Menik with their extensive experience of Bali and yoga are with you all the time during the retreat, as well as local guides on excursions.
  • Transport throughout the journey including pick-up and drop-off to the airport.
  • 8 nights accommodation in two unique accommodations in double rooms. Single rooms can be booked, subject to availability at an additional cost.
  • Full board
  • Environmental compensation in the form of 10 trees / participants planted around Lake Victoria in Africa.


The flight to Bali is not included in the price.

If you choose to eat a meal at a restaurant outside the program you can expect to pay about SEK 50 – 150 per meal. We have planned for 1 meal of your own chioce that is not included in the price so you get to choose whatever you feel like for at least a meal =).

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23 november  – 1 december 2020


16 900 SEK – approximately 1600 €

*Early bird* – Pay half the trip before August 15, 2020 and receive SEK 1000 (approximately 100 €) discount on the price of the trip (which will then be SEK 15 900). ​You can register your interest here (non-binding)

Upon registration, you will receive a link to an online application form which you will fill diretly online. We will send you an invoice for the registration fee of SEK 7950.
When the form is completed and the registration fee is paid, your space for the trip is confirmed. The remaining sum is paid after the end of the trip.

Cancellation policy

If you cancel your trip more than 30 days before the start of the retreat, we will not charge any additional costs, but the registration fee will not be refunded. If you cancel your trip maximum 30 days  prior to retreat starting date, you will have to pay the full amount of the retreat.
If your spot is filled by someone else, we will refund the total cost minus SEK 3000 ( approximately 300 €). You can also give your spot to someone else after our approval. In the event of illness (your own or close relatives) close to the start of the retreat, there is usually cobverage in your travel insurance. Yatra Yoga Travel is not responsible for any events beyond our control and so-called Force Majeure. This includes, for example, natural disasters, airport closures, political conditions, illnesses, civil strife, accidents or failure to conduct third-party experiences.

Cancellation policy Covid-19

We will refund the registration fee if there is a general recommendation from the Public Health Authority, not to gather big groups up tp 20 people due to Covid-19 (the “Corona Virus”). We will reconcile the situation again by the middle of October.

If you or someone you have close contact with show symptoms of Covid-19, and your insurance company does not cover the invoice from us – we will credit your invoice after proof of illness.

Some last words from us

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if we can help you in any way. In connection with your application you will get detailed information about what is good to know before a Bali trip, such as packing list, how to best take care of yourself and also practical information about arrival and visa, health and climate. We are here for you the whole way, from the time you sign up and throughout the trip.

WELCOME, we are really looking forward to this experience together!

With love / Ingela, Menik and Yatra team 


Voices from previous trips (from other retreats) with Ingela

“The mountainbike trek/temple visit was a truly unique experience. I felt so safely guided by the organization with lots of care and could enjoy the amazing landscapes and remote areas which show the true beauty of this island. Breathtaking views and the temple visit was the highlight with its atmosphere of the deep devotion of Bali people. The energy at the waterfalls/temple was so powerful and magic and we were guided lovingly through the rituals explained patiently by the guides. A true insight into Bali culture! Gratitude and joy last on from this day, unforgettable!” 

– Susanne Taucher

“Looking at these majestic waterfalls and swimming in the natural pools in this untouched area took my breath away. There are very few places on earth that are this magical. After the third waterfall I was overwhelmed by a strange unknown feeling. I felt the heartbeat of mother earth’s chest. I promised myself to never ever let her down. Hurting the earth is hurting ourselves. At these magical places these words were suddenly obvious and not just simple words to be spoken or understood, but experienced! Thank you for the wonderful experience.”

– Kamilla Gyorgy


Voices from previous trips ( from other retreats) with Menik

Dear Menik,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated and really valued having you as a teacher during last month’s YTT at PONO. It was such a transformational experience for me and in many ways it met, then exceeded what I was hoping to learn. I think you are a wonderful asset to the teaching team and we were very lucky to have such a knowledgeable, committed and inspiring yogi to learn from. The anatomy information is really important for students to understand. I wish I could have had more time to get some of those fundamental concepts deeply ingrained.  However, I’m grateful for all that you enlightened us on regarding anatomy in asana alignment. Your kindness and patience as a teacher were truly a gift and you were very generous with your time and support of our efforts.  

Most of all, I was deeply moved and inspired by your singing – during class teaching us mantras and at the juice bar downstairs also! I will never forget your lovely voice floating around us and I’m thrilled to have learned the Surya Namaskar mantra from you. I promise to slow down and sing it even more intentionally going forward!

Thank you for sharing your bright spirit, warmth and general yogi awesomeness with us all. You are an incredible teacher and I am honoured to have been your student.

Wishing you all the very very best and I hope our paths will cross again one day soon!

/ Joy